Foundation Tips You Need to Know!

Using the right foundation is essential to completing the overall look that you are going for. It helps you to create an even colour and base to work from and will help to cover flaws. Some foundations can also work as moisturisers and sunscreens Knowing what you need and how to apply it is critical.

First of all you need to make sure that you are matching your skin tone. You should test any products you are considering in three areas;

  • Beneath your eyes
  • Around and on your nose
  • On your cheek and jawline

By testing on one side of your face it will let you compare it to the side with no makeup on and let you get a better idea of the match. If you are struggling to find an exact match it is recommended that you choose the slightly darker option which will help to better conceal flaws and warm your skin tone.

If you are struggling to choose between a couple of options why not apply some of each to your face so you can compare them against one another. It is difficult to remember how something looked when you have to take the time to remove then reapply a different option.

Unless you know exactly what you are doing you should use a brush to apply the foundation. It will be easier for you to blend into the skin this way.

Don’t feel you have to cover your whole face like a mask. Foundation should only be used where it’s needed. It is a common mistake to have too much coverage and leads to unneeded waste of your product.

Your base makeup should be applied in the following order for the best results; Colour Correctors > Foundation > Concealer. Your concealer should be a finishing touch rather than covering everything.

If you are struggling with darkness under your eyes it can be a great idea to apply some concealer below your eyes prior to applying your base makeup.

If you suffer from oily skin you can apply some primer to your ‘T-Zone’ which will help to prevent the breakdown of your foundation.

The foundation consistency will have a big impact on the result. Sheer foundation is good for those that want to achieve light look, medium for those somewhere in between and full for the bigger, full face of makeup. Getting this right will set you up for a great result, getting it wrong and you will be struggling.

Finally, imagine you have done it. You have found the perfect shade and have done the perfect job in applying your foundation, but, you have forgotten to do your ears and neck. This will highlight the job and rather than create a natural finish you will be stuck with a two tone effect. Always make sure you have actually finished before moving on and regretting it later.

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